10 Examples Of Where Jewelry Meets Wearable Tech

Fashion and technology are merging to signal a new era in the industry. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Rebecca Minkoff

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with mobile accessory company Case-Mate to produce this gold bracelet that connects to the phone via Bluetooth and alerts the user to important pre-defined notifications.




2. Intel and Open Ceremony

Another unlikely partnership between fashion brand Opening Ceremony and tech company Intel to create the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) but as of yet functionality of the bracelet is unknown.


3. Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace

Misfit Wearable’s s stylish looking activity tracker Shine has received a touch of the luxury treatment with the announcement of the Bloom, a stainless steel pendant with a spiraling geometric design.


4. Kovert Designs

Wearable tech startup Kovert Designs is launching a range of “smart designer rings, bracelets and necklaces” to subtly vibrate in the event of certain notifications.


5. Cuff

Cuff jewelry has an interchangeable module called CuffLinc that fits into different types of jewelry including a pendant, bracelet and keychain.


6. Ringly

Another Bluetooth device connected to a smartphone Ringly lights up and vibrates based on pre-defined notifications.


7. Fitbit and Tony Burch

Fitbit is currently the most popular activity tracking device (although that could soon change) but it isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing so the company has teamed up with designer Tory Burch to create casings for its well-known device.


8. MOTA Smart Ring

Not the most prettiest ring but perhaps the most functional, the MOTA Smart Ring displays texts, calls, social media alerts and emails. It includes wireless charging also.


9. Netatmo June

A different kind of wearable tech jewelry the Netatmo June is a Bluetooth device which fitted with UV sensors that alerts users when UV levels are high. Useful for those with sunlight sensitive skin.


10. MEMI

MEMI is a smart Bluetooth bracelet which vibrates when pre-defined notifications such as calls, texts and calendar alerts.


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