CEO Of Pebble Discusses Smartwatch Industry

Says smartwatches should be minimalistic in functionality and shouldn’t try to be a smartphone for the wrist.

The Pebble smartwatch is both a wearable tech and Kickstarter success, and ever since Pebble Technology Corporation started shipping its pioneering smartwatch two years ago it has since gone on to sell four hundred thousand units making it one of the most popular in its category.

Times weren’t always as rosy for the company however as numerous rejections from investors led its founder, Eric Migicovsky, to start a Kickstarter campaign that successfully annihilated its $100,000 funding goal by raising over $10m from almost 70,000 backers.

The rest, they say, is history and in a recent video produced by Mashable, Migicovsky discusses the company’s backstory alongside what he thinks is the future of the smartwatch industry and the role of the smartwatch as a device.

Migicovsky’s view on the latter is an interesting one as he believes the smartwatch should be an extension of the smartphone with minimalist functions done well.

In the video below he says, “A smartwatch is not meant to replicate all of the functionality of your phone. You’ve got a phone, it’s sitting in your pocket and it’s pretty good at what it does. There are certain small interactions, notifications and alerts that are actually very well suited to be seen on a wrist. It’s great to be able to surreptitiously see sports games as they playing and you get a vibration when somebody scores, without having to get super-distracted by taking out your phone.”

“It’s not meant to do everything in your life, it’s meant to do a couple of things really well”

In the video Migicovsky outlines how Pebble differentiates itself from it competitors by being just a useful watch. He almost critiques both Apple and Google by saying Apple is trying to create a “high-fashion super luxurious” watch and Google is trying to “take a smartphone and cram it down” on to the wrist.

Interesting video and interesting take by someone who has quite clearly studied the industry very well.

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