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The Digital Health Hype Cycle

Which emerging digital health technologies are hype or here?

Analysts and advisory firm, Gartner, is renowned for its graphical methodological tool the ‘Hype Cycle’ which aims to showcase the rate of adoption of specific technologies in different industries. It’s most well-known is The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies which is produced towards the end of each year and you can see the 2014 version here.

Using Gartner’s hype cycle model we’ve created a digital health version on the emerging technologies within the health/wellness realms and their current place on the adoption curve. This particular one is in no way affiliated with Gartner and we have merely used their model for this illustration.

Digital Health Hype Cycle 750Many of the emerging digital health technologies are at the beginning of the hype cycle which is not surprising given digital health is still in its infancy. As the market continues to develop however not only will these technologies move further around the cycle but new innovations in health that are currently unknown or have yet to be invented will come in to the fold too. It’s very likely next year’s version will look dramatically different to this one.

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