Fitbit Fearless Of Apple Watch

Fitbit CEO and co-founder, James Park, believes the Fitbit and Apple Watch can “coexist”

Fitbit’s CEO, James Park, was recently interviewed by TechCrunch at CES on the wearable tech company’s future plans, recent product launches and, of course, the imminent launch of the Apple Watch.

Park is not phased about Apple’s first foray in to wearables and believes there is a market for both companies to coexist. In fact Park doesn’t believe the Apple Watch is a direct competitor to the company he co-founded with Eric Friedman in 2007.

When asked what his thoughts are on the Apple Watch, Park welcomes Apple’s entry in to the wearable technology space. “They [Apple] are going to raise the overall awareness of the category. I think at the price point, limited to iOS, it’s a different type of customer to the Fitbit user. I think we can coexist pretty happily in the market. For me it’s just amazing to see how this whole category has just grown over the past few years.”

“Our brand and our focus is on fitness. We want to make sure our devices are really comfortable when you work out and throughout the day so I think that’s going to aesthetic than, let’s say, a typical smartwatch.”

Whether or not this is a similar – though slightly more respectful – comment to what Steve Balmer made about the launch of the iPhone remains to be seen. One thing is clear though, Fitbit is (publicly at least) fearless of the Apple Watch.

Source: TechCrunch

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