Digital Health Could Be A Boon For Health Clubs

Digital health technologies will ensure the traditional health club model will become obsolete but there are opportunities.

In 30 years’ time historians will say this was the decade that health went through a period of enlightenment. They’ll say the ‘twenty-tens’ was the decade that kick started a new era in health thanks to a perfect storm of technological and biological innovations that came of age during this time.

They’ll speak of ‘The Mobile Wars’, which resulted in an exponential increase in processing power of smartphones. The introduction of the ‘Internet of Things’ where sensor technology connected everything and everyone to the internet; tracking devices that could be placed both on top of and inside of the body; reams of data that can be interrogated to answer important questions about the human body and genetic and biological breakthroughs that radically changed how we ate, slept and trained.

They’ll make reference to the Digital Revolution and how it perpetually changed and altered business models, and how the health clubs that failed to move with the times were the ones that ultimately failed.

The health clubs that embraced digital disruption were the ones that succeeded in providing new and holistic ways in helping people live active lives up until 100 (the average lifespan in 2055).

How did the successful ones do it?

An industry in need of digital transformation requires bravery and experimentation which was fostered from the leadership team throughout. New roles were created including the Chief Digital Health Officer, Head of Personal Analytics and Chief Science Officer to spearhead the change.

Finally, through an ecosystem of partnerships with third-party digital health companies, insurance providers and health organizations they were able to provide a 24hr service that went well beyond the walls of the gym.

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