IBM Watson Powered Health App Coming To The Apple Watch

IBM’s artificial intelligent supercomputer, Watson, is coming to the Apple Watch to provide a personalized data crunching health app.

Apple Watch Health

The Apple Watch app is being developed by Welltok, a consumer social health management platform which was one of the first digital health companies to take advantage of Watson’s natural language capabilities with its CafeWell Concierge mobile app announced in 2013.

Welltok customers can ask personal health recommendations to Watson which can provide answers based not only on their question but also on specific information like their location, health status, health benefits, health improvement programs and incentives available from their insurer, physician or local pharmacy.

According to Fortune the watch app will be like a “Fitbit on steroids” as it learns more about the individual user over time and makes personalized recommendations based on these learnings. The Apple Watch app isn’t commercially available yet and is first being launched internally at IBM so employees can feed Watson more data so it can learn how to make better health predictions. A commercial version of the app is expected to launch next year.


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