Interview: Jean-Philippe Doumeng, Tictrac Co-founder


Jean-Philippe Doumeng is the Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Tictrac, the lifestyle design platform. Here I asked him a few questions around Tictrac and digital health. You can find Jean-Philippe on Twitter at @JPDoumeng

What is Tictrac?

Tictrac is a lifestyle design platform that empowers people through their own data. Users can connect with over 50 health and fitness apps and devices they may already use, from blood pressure monitors, wireless weight scales, sleep/stress trackers, diet and activity monitors (FitBit and Runkeeper for example) to email, calendar, weather and much more.

Users can visualize their data in personal dashboards that give them insights into how to improve their lifestyle. Users can cross their different data to see how one aspect of their lives may affect another.

They can then share their dashboards with their personal trainer, physician or coach who can interpret that data and tailor their programmes accordingly.

Through Tictrac’s Lifestyle Marketplace, users can also subscribe to different lifestyle programs like Weight Loss, Pre-Diabetes, 10k Run Training, Child Development, Migraine Management, and many more. Tictrac then personalizes and adapts the content of these programmes based on each individual’s data – transforming the platform into a highly personalized lifestyle design centre.

Who is Tictrac aimed at?

Tictrac is really aimed at two groups of people. Our platform brings together people who create data, each and every one of us, with people who can interpret that data: personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, coaches or anyone with expertise in a specific lifestyle category.

Users can then choose to connect with specialists who are able to give them professional guidance on their different goals from losing weight to running their first marathon, and many more.

We’ve created an easy to use tool that lets partners such as personal trainers to create their own dashboards to use with their clients. This lets them manage their clients’ performance and demonstrate progress achieved with them at any time.

How did the idea of Tictrac come about?

A few years ago we were developing some technology for iGoogle, Google’s personalized start-page. We were asked to develop a gadget that allowed users to track their alcohol consumption, showing them how many calories they were consuming.

That’s when the original idea emerged, to let people to learn more about themselves from their own data. Over the last few years, more and more apps and devices have enabled this data to be automatically created, such as with FitBit and Withings Scales for instance. By connecting with all these devices, we let users get more insight into their lives and achieve their goals based on their data.

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How will Tictrac help people become happier and healthier?

Tictrac will empower consumers to better understand themselves and make lifestyle changes that will materially impact their health and wellbeing. We live life in little projects. From losing 10lbs to running our first marathon, managing our migraines or lowering our blood pressure, life is full of projects. Tictrac adapts itself to each user’s lifestyle, empowering them achieve their goals one project at a time.

How many APIs does Tictrac utilise? Can you give a sample of the APIs Tictrac uses?

We currently sync with just over 50 APIs including:

Fat Secret
Polar (in process)
Azumio (in process)
Training Peeks

Forbes magazine predicted that the management of data is going to be issue in the future due to a lack of people with skills to analyze it. Does Tictrac help with the data analysis process?

We fully agree with this statement, and that is at the heart of our Lifestyle Marketplace. We want to bring together all those specialists out there who can interpret lifestyle data with people who are seeking this insight and advice. Tictrac is the world’s first Lifestyle Design Marketplace.

What’s the next 12 months look like for Tictrac?

We are laser focused on building our partner relationships. Our next 12 months will focus on getting more professionals like personal trainers, nutritionist, coaches, on our platform. Giving them the tools to engage more regularly with their clients.

In your view what’s the future of digital health?

The future of digital health is the consumer. We’ve seen time and time again that the status quo only changes when there is enough pressure from the masses to do so. Digital Health is just about to revolutionize the relationship between people and their healthcare provider. The proliferation of devices and apps will empower consumers to take a bigger role in their own health and wellbeing, which will in turn provide healthcare providers with more knowledge on that individual, leading to a healthier society that depends less on it’s healthcare system.

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