The Rise Of Digital Healthcare (Video)

StartUp Health CEO Steven Krein on the rise of digital healthcare on Fox Business.

Steven Krein

Co-founder & CEO of StartUp Health, Steven Krein, was on Fox Business this week discussing the rise of digital health and how new innovations are transforming the healthcare industry. Digital health will continue to receive this kind of publicity as the momentum grows and Krein delivers some great sound bites.

“The most activity actually is around entrepreneurs re-imagining every aspect of healthcare and really thinking about everything from payer solutions, provider needs and, quite frankly, patient needs so healthcare consumerism is driving a whole new generation of entrepreneurs across the world to really re-imagine healthcare.

“We’re seeing healthcare consumers and healthcare reform play a role. The idea that we’re now having a global conversation and that solutions are not just in Silicon Valley and New York; they’re in Tel Aviv, Dubai and in Austin, Texas. They’re really coming out from everywhere and it’s actually who is coming out as the entrepreneurs; doctors, clinicians and people who never before had access to the type of resources Startup Health has been able to bring to market.”

Watch the video in full below.

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