TAG Heuer To Launch Apple Watch Competitor

The Apple Watch launch is imminent. Will luxury watchmakers try to compete? TAG Heuer intends to.

With the launch of the Apple Watch expected in the first quarter of 2015 luxury watchmakers may be wondering to what extent the tech behemoth’s first foray into wearable technology – and watches specifically – will impact their business.

Whether you’re a wearables fan or not the Apple Watch looks like, as expected, a high-end and beautifully designed piece of kit. Coupled with the company’s track record of disrupting industry models means it will be an interesting time to see how the traditional watchmakers will react.

Apple Watch 750

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is one such company preparing to launch an Apple Watch competitor according to its CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, who in a recent interview with Bloomberg Business alludes to the company’s smartwatch plans.

In the video below when questioned about an Apple Watch competitor product Biver says, “We are working on it. We are regularly in Silicon Valley and we have contacts with the best people and we will, most probably, come out with a smartwatch for TAG Heuer.”

This seems in stark contrast to Biver’s earlier comments who in September was critical of the Apple Watch by saying it was too feminine, has no sex appeal and looks like “it was designed by a student in their first trimester.”

Perhaps watchmakers are learning from history since the mobile handset makers were largely sceptical of how successful the iPhone would be on its launch in 2007. And we all know what happened there.

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