Tech Tat: The Tattoo That Doubles As A Health Tracker

New concept tattoo uses electro-conductive ink to double up as a health tracker.

Tattoos are increasingly common these days and in the United States almost one third of 18-44 year olds have at least one somewhere on their body. Once a sign of rebelliousness and tribe, they are now predominantly associated with either fashion and art, and while their meaning may have softened somewhat their aesthetic function has remained the same.

That could change however thanks to a creative technology agency which has developed a prototype tattoo that also doubles up as a health tracker. Austin based Chaotic Moon has developed the ‘Tech Tat’ which uses electro-conductive ink to create a temporary tattoo that circuitry can be wired through.

The promotional video below by Chaotic Moon alludes to some possible health tracking functions that the Tech Tat could do but as it’s still in prototype phase it’s purely conceptual. As Apple has discovered with the Apple Watch, developing sensors that remain accurate on everyone’s individual bodies is difficult, so an innovation of this type would be fraught with biometric feedback hurdles. Great concept, though.

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