The smart sensor sticker

You know the sensor revolution is well under-way when companies and individuals alike are innovating much quicker than the world can keep up. The current crop of rigid and often bulky sensors we find in consumer devices today will soon be obsolete if electronics company, MC10, has its way.

It’s currently developing a sticker-like sensor which attaches to the body like you would attach a plaster to a wound. Not only that but the sensor can stretch like the skin does ensuring that as the muscles expands and contracts the sensor stays put.

In the video above CEO of MC10, David Icke, explains what the company is up to and gives us insights in to his vision of the future of sensors. In one section he discusses how these sensors can be implanted on tissue inside the body to track what’s happening on tissue or organs. Fascinating stuff of the future.

In related news MC10 is now working with the US military to develop wearable technology for the battlefield.

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