Wearable Tech Revolution. What’s Going On In Wearables

The wearable technology revolution is upon us. Here we look at how wearables are impacting business, marketing and lifestyle. View the Slideshare of this post here.

Wearable technology has been around for many years

Though it has evolved through the years

Screenshot 2014-10-26 16.50.17

Wearable technology isn’t just for adults either

Or just humans

The market is moving however




And this is just the beginning

And of course there is Glass

The hard part about wearable technology is making them fashionable

Just. Not. Quite. There. Yet





Though Glass may move from in front of the eye to on top of it

Wearables are beginning to permeate the fashion industry

Ralph Lauren the first luxury brand to develop a piece of smart clothing


And jewelry is beginning to meet wearable tech too

 Wearables are set to impact numerous industries

Marketing is yet again about to face technological disruption

It all centers around personalized data

Wearables will speed up the usage of people analytics will

Screenshot 2014-11-05 19.20.41

Apple is fully aware of this movement

But this is just the beginning

As content publishers begin to utilize wearables ad revenue will follow

The Financial Times is pioneering this movement

And if you think Oculus Rift is just for gaming think again

It can be used for live events

To train with professional sports teams

Or browse and shop your groceries

Eventually wearables may become a thing of the past

The signs are pointing to a bionic based future. Hugh Herr agrees

From jetpacks to help us run faster with less effort

To exoskeletons to help us perform better


Technological breakthroughs are helping the deaf

To helping the blind

To helping people with mental health issues

Connecting the brain’s neurons to technology is here with us now. It isn’t science fiction

It’s predicted that this technology will move from helping the disabled to the ‘abled’

Providing people with superhuman like abilities

Implantable technology has some people optimistic about their future

Where do you stand?

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