WellPath Uses 23andMe And Fitbit Data To Provide Personalized Health Supplements

Now you can receive health supplements personalized to your genetic profile and day-to-day activity.

WellPath, a health supplement company that provides personalized nutritional supplements based on a customer’s health profile, has taken health personalization up a notch by beginning to use customers’ 23andMe genetic data and Fitbit activity data.

WellPath customers are usually required to fill in a 30 question survey based on their health goals to receive their personalized supplements. With the integration of 23andMe and Fitbit, however, fitness enthusiasts and biohackers alike can receive vitamins, minerals and other supplements based on their genetic profile and day-to-day activity. According to TechCrunch, the integration of both provides an additional 46 data points.

In principle, the concept is sound. The 23andMe data is likely to be more useful than the Fitbit data since the growing field of nutrigenetics allows us to identify which foods and supplements we should both consume and avoid. Services such as DNAFit and Nutrahacker do something similar in this regard.

What kind of data can you get from Fitbit to determine which supplementation you should take however? Is there anything in the Fitbit data that couldn’t be gleaned from asking the customer in the 30 question survey? Perhaps the sleep data could be of use but activity trackers including Fitbit are notoriously bad at tracking sleep. That said, as activity trackers like Fitbit add more features (and accuracy) WellPath will be in a great position capitalize on it.

This is another example of how health and wellness is becoming more personalized to the individual. Contrary to Tyler Durden’s claims, we are all unique snowflakes and require health programs that reflect this. All the way down to the genetic level and hopefully soon to the microbiome level.

WellPath’s promo video is below.

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