13 Wearable Tech Products For Pets

Think wearable tech is just for humans? Think again as we list the best wearables for your four-legged friend.

1. WÜF

Wuf dog collar

The WÜF dog collar is an all-in-one device that includes activity tracker, location tracker and speaker/microphone. It analyzes your dog’s activity levels to see how much exercise it’s getting and can learn about what activities they like the most. The built in GPS allows you to see where your dog is at all times so it won’t ever get lost and includes pre-defined sounds that your dog can learn commands from. Should your dog stray further away than you would like the ‘come back’ command will, in theory, tell it to turn around and head back home. WÜF

2. HeyRex

Heyrex dog collar

Image via Dog Dancing Guy

Heyrex is wearable technology that monitors an dog’s activity, behavior & wellbeing via a biosensor that attaches to its collar to build a long-term picture of its behavior. HeyRex

3. Otto Petcare System

Otto Petcare dog collar

The Otto Petcare System is launching this month according to its website and promises to be an “integrated wellbeing solution for your pet”. The ‘system’ is composed of a dog collar which collects and sends activity data to the cloud coupled with a food dispenser that calculates the food the dog requires based on its energy expenditure. The food dispenser is also remote controlled so if you’re running late or don’t plan on coming home that evening you can release the food using your smartphone. It also comes with a webcam to ensure the dog has eaten its food and a loud speaker function so you can talk to your four legged friend. Otto Petcare Systems

4. Tractive


The Tractive pet tracking device is GPS enabled to help you locate your dog, your cat or any other pet if they are missing. The device attaches to a regular pet collar and with an accompanying app you can locate your pet in real time. Tractive

5. Voyce

Voyce dog collar

Voyce is an all-in-one wearable for dogs that allows owners to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and respiration levels, check symptoms, seek expert advice, set goals and reminders, and store your dog’s medical record in the cloud. Shipping for Voyce begins in February this year. Voyce

6. Petcam

The Petcam is like a GoPro for animals. Strap Petcam on to your cat or dog and live stream their adventures directly from your smartphone. Petcam

7. PetPace


PetPace is another sensor-driven smart-collar for both cats and dogs that measures body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, activity level, calories burned, and body position. The data is then sent via the cloud to a dedicated app on the owner’s iOS or Android device. If any of the pet’s vital signs are out of a healthy range the app lets the user know and can also forward the data to a veterinarian. PetPace

8. Best Fit Friend


The Best Fit Friend by MyFitDog is an activity monitor for both pet and owner to help them stay in shape. The wearable started as a Kickstarter campaign with the intention for owners to get fit with their furry friend. There’s little information online as to what Best Fit Friend tracks and the company has been a little quiet lately. Best Fit Friend

9. Loc8tor

Loc8tor pet collar

As the name suggests Loc8tor is a GPS enabled wearable device for both cats and dogs that allows owners to know where their pet is roaming. Loc8tor

10. FitBark

FitBark dog collar

FitBark is an activity tracker for dogs which monitors movement and down time. FitBark has a community aspect which allows you to compare your dog’s activity to other dogs of a similar breed and you can also share the data with your vet. FitBark

11. Tail Lights

Tail Lights Horse Wearable

Tail Lights provide high visibility to horses by a specially designed neoprene and Velcro wraps made of strips of LEDs which attach to the horse’s tail. The idea for Tail Lights came about when the creator’s friends was hit by a car while out riding his horse. Tail Lights

12. Tagg

Tagg dog collar

Tagg is an activity tracker, location tracker and an ambient temperature sensor in one. The GPS system alerts the owner when the dog is not where it’s supposed to be and the activity tracker allows them to understand how much exercise it’s had throughout the day. Teh ambient temperature sensor alerts the owner if the dog is in a dangerous situation near heat. A common danger for dogs according to Tagg. Tagg

13. Whistle

Whistle dog tracker

Whistle is an activity tracker for dogs that allows owners to track walks, playtime and periods of rest. Users can set goals and track progress over time by using the accompanying app. Whistle

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  1. Why not do an article about why the two most well funded companies are at the bottom of the list and why pet stores won’t carry the first. If you don’t know why, I’m available for an interview.

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