Apple Acquires Sleep Monitor Beddit

Reinforcing Apple’s commitment to consumer digital health.

Apple continues to make moves in consumer digital health with the acquisition of Finnish sleep monitor, Beddit.

Beddit updated the privacy policy on its website yesterday to state that it had been acquired by Apple. Details of the acquisition including financial information are so far unknown.

The privacy policy reads, “Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

Beddit was founded in Finland in 2007, where it is still based and works by placing a thin strip of sensors across the user’s bed which track sleep quality, time, movement, respiration and snoring.

apple acquires beddit
The Beddit strip is placed on the user’s mattress. Source: Beddit

Sleep a logical next step for the Apple Watch?

The Beddit product has been sold in the Apple store for a couple of years and given Apple’s foray into digital health this is a good move. We expect Beddit to be further integrated with the Apple Watch and Health App in the future. Sleep tracking via the Apple Watch is a logical next step for the device.

Quality sleep is an important factor of overall health and perhaps more important than exercise itself. Quality sleep allows the body to recover and repair, and we all know the difference in how we feel when we’ve slept well compared to when we haven’t.

Previous sleep tracking devices such as Zeo headband failed to capture market attention and ultimately failed. I was a user of the Zeo headband myself and it still remains one of the best wearable devices I’ve used by providing in-depth sleep analysis and ultimately making me change my sleeping behaviours.

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