Fighter Pilots Develop Method For Surgeons To Look Inside People’s Brains Using Virtual Reality

Going beyond gaming, this company demonstrates the usefulness of VR in complex surgeries.

Surgical Theater is an Ohio-based virtual reality company that brings the power of VR to brain surgeons by helping them better prepare in advance for complex surgeries and procedures.

Using an Oculus Rift alongside Surgical Theater’s SNAP (Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform) technology which uses MRI scans to create VR-compatible 3D models, brain surgeons can essentially walk inside a patients brain and examine the parts that are to be operated on.

By examining the operating area of the brain before the surgery the surgeon can eliminate risk by doing dry runs of the surgery itself.


SNAP was developed by Alon Geri and Moty Avisar, ex pilots of Israeli Air Force and now co-founders of Surgical Theater who, after working in flight simulation, realized that brain surgeons faced the same problems as fighter pilots (excluding being shot at one can assume).

Another great example of how virtual reality can make a real world difference by assisting surgeons prior to an operation. As VR technology continues to develop and evolve this kind of pre-surgery preparation can only become ubiquitous across all types of complicated surgeries.

Via TechInsider


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