CEO Undergoes Gene Therapy To Reverse Aging

Liz Parrish allegedly receives two forms of life extension gene therapy at an undisclosed location in Latin America.

Liz Parrish

The first attempt at using gene therapy to prevent regular aging allegedly took place last month in what could spell the beginning of a new era in do-it-yourself genetic modification.

CEO and founder of BioViva Sciences USA Inc, Liz Parrish, claims she underwent gene therapy at an undisclosed location in Latin America. Parrish claims to have received two forms of treatment, including muscle mass enhancement and therapy to increase telomere length.

Muscle deteriorates with age and telomeres are DNA caps which protect the chromosome and are associated with longer life span.

Parrish announced via a Reddit AMA that she had the therapy. She also states that if successful she plans to roll out a public offering in three to five years. So far neither treatments have received FDA approval.

The results of her treatment are yet unknown and Parrish believes it will be months before any changes occur. If successful her body, in theory, should begin to de-age.

In a recent interview Parrish said BioViva is a gene therapy company that targets aging as a disease by focussing on research and procedures that reverse aging such as epigenetic changes, muscle mass changes, cleaning up of DNA damage and misfolded proteins.

“I am patient zero. I will be 45 in January. I have aging as a disease” she said on Reddit.

MIT Technology Review reported the announcement and has attempted to verify the accuracy of Parrish’s claims. So far the confirmation has only come from her company. The article claims the procedure was filmed so a documentary style video may be released in future.

Is this the beginning of a new era in health and longevity or another foiled attempt at defeating the inevitable sands of time? Through Parrish’s somewhat brave and somewhat irresponsible actions we will find out. I wish her well.