Liz Parrish Updates On The Gene Therapy She Received To Reverse Aging

Results are positive so far.

In 2015 we reported on Liz Parrish who claims to have underwent untested gene therapies to reverse the aging process in her body. Parrish said she received two forms of treatment, including muscle mass enhancement and therapy to increase telomere length.

Muscle loss is a key sign of aging and telomeres are the caps on DNA that protect the chromosome and are associated with a longer life span.

Now 18 months later the CEO and founder of BioViva Sciences USA Inc, has provided an update on the treatment so far with Austalia’s Lateline.

Parrish says in the interview, “We believe strongly as a company that companies should take their own medicine. I believe it was the only ethical thing to do. The telomerase gene therapy is the most promising gene therapy that sat in research for twenty years. It appears to reverse a myriad of aging biomarkers and would have the most benefits to humans right now.

“There was no human body that had had the therapy in it and we felt that it was worth taking the therapy and getting it into the first human body so we could experience the first human results and therefore moving the therapy closer to a cure than it would be otherwise.

The results of the gene therapy so far

Speaking of the results she’s received so far she says received;

  • Reduction in triglycerides – indicative of the myostatin inhibitor she took. She says it will help prevent muscular dystrophy
  • Decrease in C-reactive proteins – a biomarker of inflammation. This increases as you age and Parrish this the reduction is due to the telomerase inducing gene therapy
  • Increase in telomeres – these shorten as we age but Parrish says hers have seen an increase
  • Muscle mass – decreases with age (though is preventable through resistance training) and Parrish saw an increase

Parrish doesn’t provide percentages of how much these factors have increased and decreased. But she says the results show that the therapies will be able to treat diabetes type II and biological aging.

She says the next steps are to get into human studies and prove that they will work over the general population. This means targeting patients with a realm of aging conditions such as those with heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer to see if the therapy will benefit them.

Liz Parrish on the future of genetic augmentation.

She says, “I think that this is where all of medicine is going. Remember the first ‘biohacking’ we did to our bodies was immunisation and antibiotics. That along with just with washing our hands increased lifespan by threefold.

Now we have the opportunity to design our evolution and upgrade our body. I’m a human prototype for the future of health. Obviously we’re not quite there yet but we hope that other pioneers will come [and join us] and we’ll eventually have the perfect prototype for health. We’re not talking about living forever but about mitigating the diseases of aging and the complex diseases of childhood.

“Diabetes type I, Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia. We have all decided as a population to put millions and millions of dollars into each one of these independently to eradicate the disease. The reason we haven’t been able to do that is we’ve never went after biological aging. WE are now going after biological aging which will give us a big insight into complex disease juvenile diabetes type I and chron’s disease.

“This will give us the ability to effect everything in a positive way. The idea is to have a positive effect and create ultimate health. It’s not to convolute society or create a maniacal type of outcome. It’s purely about health.”

Watch the interview below.

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