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Wearable Headband Cefaly That Prevents Migraines Receives Go-Ahead From UK’s NHS

Headband works by sending electrical currents to the part of the brain that causes migraines.

Millions of people around the world suffer from debilitating migraines and in the US alone an estimated 37 million people suffer from the condition.

Regular sufferers can have their lives impacted from taking time off work to not being able to socialize because light is too painful to bear.

While there is no one ‘cure-all’ solution for a migraine a wearable device that promises to treat up to 75 percent of migraine sufferers has just received clearance by the England’s National Health Service (NHS).

The Cefaly headband device works by sending mild electrical pulses to the wearer’s forehead to the trigeminal nerve, the main place where migraines start.

This is a called neurostimulation and a growing body of evidence has found that it can help headaches and migraines.

The Ceflay works in two ways: treatment and prevention.

Treating a migraine it uses high frequency neurostimulation which limits pain signals from the nerve center.

For regular migraine sufferers it is worn daily to prevent the triggering of a migraine using low frequency neurostimulation.

A benefit of using the Ceflay instead of using painkillers and other drugs is that it comes with little no side-effects for the user.

For those who are not on the NHS or do not live in England the Ceflay can be purchased from Amazon.

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