Sarcopenia Is The Enemy

Once you hit 30 years old you are required to engage in a long-term fight with the muscles in your body.

This fight lasts until you die and the older you get the harder it becomes.

The fight you face is not directly against the muscles but rather the wasting disease, sarcopenia. After the age of 30, men lose three to eight percent of muscle mass every decade. When compounded this is an exponential increase.

Muscle is required for strength, therefore, any loss of muscle means a loss of strength.

Sarcopenia is the enemy. It hates you. It wants to prevent you from living a life full of vitality right until the end.

Sarcopenia wants to put you in a nursing home. Muscle wasting with age is the second leading cause of admissions to nursing homes after Alzheimer’s disease.

Sarcopenia is not preventable but the muscle wasting and strength loss effects of it can be delayed. If you’re willing to fight for it.

Like death, sarcopenia is inescapable. But you can choose to delay the onset of it much later than most people.

How do you delay the onset of sarcopenia?

From Bending the Aging Curve via Amazon

Firstly, you have to build yourself a muscular base to last a lifetime.

That requires you to understand the basic principles of lifting weights and building muscle and how to use new technologies to measure muscle mass. If you’re of a certain age you should get your blood panel checked to understand if you’re eligible for TRT.

The chart above illustrates that life-long training can add many quality years to a life. I would add that a healthy of regular training and eating well will add overall years to a lifespan too.

This is why sarcopenia is the enemy and requires constant fighting. Who wants to gradually accept the deterioration of their muscles and strength? Not me. I intend to fight it until the end.

Regardless of your age, you should fight it also.

Life is full of constant battles. We need them to grow. Go start a fight with the enemy.

sarcopenia in old people

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