A Third Of Wearables To Become Invisible by 2017

Analyst firm, Gartner, is predicting that by 2017 30% of wearable technology will become invisible to the eye.

For wearables to succeed they need to be a combination of three things. 1. Useful. 2. Fashionable and/or 3. Invisible. Gartner is predicting that 30% of them will be “unobtrusive to the naked eye” in two years’ time.

In a recent press release, Annette Zimmermann, a research director at the firm is quoted as saying, “Already, there are some interesting developments at the prototype stage that could pave the way for consumer wearables to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Smart contact lenses are one type in development. Another interesting wearable that is emerging is smart jewelry.

“There are around a dozen crowdfunded projects competing right now in this area, with sensors built into jewelry for communication alerts and emergency alarms. Obtrusive wearables already on the market, like smart glasses, are likely to develop new designs that disguise their technological components completely.”

Other predictions from the firm include:

  • By 2018, more than 25 million head-mounted displays (HMDs) will have been sold as immersive devices and virtual worlds will have transitioned from the fringe to the mainstream.
  • By 2016, biometric sensors will be featured in 40 percent of smartphones shipped to end users with fingerprint scnanning the basic biometric feature. Facial, iris, voice and palm vein authentication will also emerge but will remain relatively niche

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